Programs listed below have reached current enrollment capacity on all or some days of the week. We are working on hiring additional staff and are hopeful we will be able to increase enrollment in the very near future. 

Thurston Before School (Fri) 

Wines After School

  • To get on the waiting list, submit an enrollment application with your full desired schedule.
  • We will contact you within one work day with more information and keep you informed of changes.
  • As space opens, waitlisted families will be admitted in the order they applied.
  • If before your child attends care you decide you must withdraw enrollment because we are unable to accommodate your full schedule, your enrollment fee will be refunded.


Fee Changes for 2018-19

  • Daily childcare rates are slightly higher this year, the first rate increase since 2014. 
  • The annual enrollment fee remains the same, and we've created a $5.00 discount for additional children.
  • Drop-in fees and other administrative fees remain unchanged.

Rec & Ed will begin accepting 2018-19 scholarship applications on August 1st. 

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