Welcome to the Moscow School District Adventure Club's new enrollment and payment system.  There are several enrollment options provided within the new system as described below.  Payments for all enrollment options are due by the Sunday of the upcoming week, and required prior to attendance of the student.  You are encouraged to use the automatic payment feature.  

Enrollment Options:

  • All Year 2018-19 Afterschool Schedule: All afterschool weekdays enrollment (Monday through Friday) for the entire year.  Invoices available on Thursday of the prior week.  Payments due by the Sunday of the service week.
  • All Year 2018-19 Selected Weekdays Schedule: Selected afterschool weekdays for the entire school year.  Enrollment may not be changed.  Invoices available on the Thursday of the prior week.  Payments due by the Sunday of the service week.
  • Weekly Afterschool Calendar Enrollment: You may enroll using a calendar for a week up until Friday of the prior week.  The calendar may by used in combination with the All Year 2018-19 Selected Weekdays Schedule.  Invoice available immediately, and payment due immediately.  Calendar Enrollment is not recommended for foster families.
  • Non-School Days: You may enroll up to the Tuesday of the prior week, and pay by the Sunday of the service week.  Invoices available by Thursday of the prior week.
  • Drop-in: Staff will call before checking in children as drop-ins.  Payment due immediately on the day of enrollment.  Drop-ins are added to any existing waiting list for the day.

You must register using a computer or tablet.  Smartphones should not be used when registering. 

You may enroll for automatic payments through your bank account or a credit card.

David Pierce-Garnett, Adventure Club Director, garnettd@msd281.org, 208-892-3998

Site Phone Numbers: Lena (208-892-1201), McDonald (208-892-1160), Russell (208-882-4533).


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