The K-5th Afterschool & Summer Program

For Students Attending Any Moscow School

 The Afterschool Program runs from 3:00pm to 6:00pm, Mondays through Thursdays, and 2:15pm to 6:00pm on Fridays. 

Non-School Days operate from 7:30am to 6:00pm. 

The Summer Program is open from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

 Welcome to the Moscow School District Adventure Club's enrollment/payment system.  

All Year, Calendar, & Summer enrollments and payments are due by Sunday at 9:59pm of the service week, with bills available by Thursday of the prior week. 

Enrollment Day Commitment: Please carefully enroll for days. Once enrolled for a day, families are committed to that day, whether plans have changed or an error made. Because the Adventure Club is self-sustaining and needs tuition revenue to pay staff, purchase supplies and materials, and pay service providers, days are permanently established immediately upon selection.

Enrollment Options:

  • All Year 2019-20 Afterschool Schedule: All afterschool weekdays enrollment (Monday through Friday) for the entire year. 
  • All Year 2019-20 Selected Weekdays Schedule: Selected afterschool weekdays for the entire school year. 
  • Weekly 2019-20 Afterschool Calendar Enrollment: Families may enroll using a weekly calendar from the prior Monday until Sunday at 9:59pm of the service week..  The calendar may by used in combination with the All Year 2018-19 Selected Weekdays Schedule.  Calendar Enrollment is not recommended for foster families.
  • Non-School Days: Families may enroll until Sunday of the week when the non-school days occur.   Children pack lunch from home.
  • Drop-in: Drop-ins may only be used in emergency or special situations.  Staff will call before checking in children as drop-ins or families may email David in advance at  Payment is due immediately.  
  • Summer Enrollment: Families may enroll for week blocks.

You must register using a computer or tablet.  Smartphones cannot be used when registering, but may be used for paying bills.  You may enroll for automatic payments through your bank account or a credit card.

·       David Pierce-Garnett, Adventure Club Director,, 208-892-3998

·       Site Phone Numbers: Lena (208-892-1201), McDonald (208-892-1160), Russell (208-882-4533)


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