Reduce Cost of Operations Lower Costs at your Childcare Center

The typical expense breakdown for childcare shows that labor is your biggest expense at 70% of your budget. Occupancy, food, and overhead account for at least 18%, leaving the rest for other operating expenses.

Childcare management software can help you shave those other operating expenses so you can spend more on other areas of your business or bring in more profit.

Registration and Enrollment

Registration and enrollment is a typically paper-intensive process that is easily digitized.

  • Create online forms to be placed on your website or Parent Portal
  • Encourage or require online registration and enrollment.
  • If online enrollment is not possible for parts of your customer base, provide registration and enrollment by phone, or at the facility where the online forms can be filled in by a staff member.
  • Accept electronic copies of forms via email, detach, and place within the child record.
  • Complete the child record with electronic copies of immunization records and other essential information.

Online registration eliminates handling paper forms, time and labor for data entry while mitigating transcription errors, and provides you and your customers the ability to update the records anytime through the Parent Portal.

Cost Savings: Reduced time and labor for data entry, reduced cost for paper, file folders and storage, and other administrative activities required for paper records.


Creating schedules within the software solution and making them available to staff and parents combines convenience and accountability.

  • Schedule activities and classrooms without overlapping, over-scheduling, or overcrowding a room.
  • Maximize your space usage with digital schedules to help you spread activities throughout the facility.
  • With saved space, provide more activities or services for additional fees.
  • Send out late payment reminders
  • Optimize staff scheduling and provide online access to schedules.
  • Create a repeating schedule to eliminate weekly or monthly schedule processing.

Paper schedules are time intensive and inaccessible outside of the facility. Copies are easily lost and cannot be automatically updated with changes. Scheduling online allows you to experiment with various schedules and activity plans to optimize your facility use. You may be able to add activities or reduce your space requirements, rental costs, and utility expenses.

Cost Savings: Reduced time and labor developing schedules, reduced cost for paper, maximized facility use and labor use with the potential to reduce the facility footprint or add another revenue stream.

Billing and Invoicing

How many hours a month do you spend billing and invoicing? Even if you use an accounting solution, you are still printing paper copies to send to parents via postal mail or at check-out.

  • Automate billing and invoicing while eliminating paper and postage.
  • Provide access to invoices via the Parent Portal or email electronic invoices.
  • Capture all data, including late pickup fees, activity fees, and other charges accurately for each account.
  • Track your facility's overall debt to identify further savings opportunities.
  • Automated billing ensures all invoices are delivered the same date each month.

Batch invoices or produce individual statements with itemized charges and fees. Combined with electronic check-in and check-out, you can be sure the bills are accurate for each account.

Cost Savings: Reduced time and labor calculating and printing invoices, reduced costs for paper, envelopes, and postage. More accurate billing reduces underpayments that lead to cash flow issues.

Accounts Receivable

Automating accounts receivable provides the option for your clients to pay online and for the money to reach your bank in record time. It also opens the door for accepting other forms of payment.

  • Eliminate paper checks, deposit slips, and trips to the bank.
  • Provide convenient bill payment for all your customers regardless of method.
  • Automatically send late notifications and add late charges onto any account without your intervention.
  • Automation makes accepting agency payments and handling subsidies a breeze.
  • Save time on data entry and bookkeeping.
  • Automatically suspend accounts when needed.

Automating your accounts receivable processes provides your customers with multiple methods of payment while streamlining your cash flow.

Cost savings: Reduced time and labor on bookkeeping and paperwork. Eliminates lost checks and documentation. Reduce wear and tear, fuel costs, and time by eliminating trips to the bank. Reduces late payment administrative time and speeds up payment processing.


Eliminate the time and effort it takes to add up hours from multiple time cards and time sheets while increasing accountability and accuracy in payroll. Your staff can clock in using a badge or biometric device.

Cost Savings: Reduce time and paper. Eliminate time clock and save time for staff.

Web-based Childcare Software Delivery

EZChildTrack is a cloud-based childcare management software solution. You only need a computer or mobile device to access your software. All updates are performed automatically and are included in the monthly subscription fee.

Cost Savings: Eliminate IT infrastructure and staff; save on equipment and support. Access anytime from anywhere with any device and save trips to the facility to use the onsite computer.