Streamline Management of Childcare Operations Cost Effective and Enhanced Productivity

Improve Parent Satisfaction

Online Parent Portal for

Registration and Enrollment

Bills, Statements, Receipts

Tax Statement

Payments via Credit Cards, EFT

Center Calendar & Bulletins Email Delivery

Center Closing Bulletins

Speed Up Accounts Receivable

Reduce Payment Circle

Online Payment

Automatic Payment using Credit Card

Automatic Payment Receivers

Payments via Credit Cards, EFT

Accept Payment at Center

Enhance Center Productivity

Online Center Interface for

Faster Decision Making via

Automatic Payment Receivers

Mobile Devices (iPad)

Accept Payments Real-time

Record Attendance Real-time using

Biometric Devices

Badge Scanners

Streamline & Centralize Operations

Online Corporate Interface for

Better Decision Making via Real-time

Access to Data

Executive Dashboard & Reports

Revenue Projections

Schedule Programs, Staff, Activities, etc.

Real-time Monitoring of Center Operations

Reduce Cost of Operation

Improve Center Productivity

Lower Delinquencies & Payment Cycles

Eliminate Multiple Data Entry Points

Real-time Data Collection at Centers

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