Centralized Operations Web-based Childcare Management Software

Centralize operations to track and manage every aspect of your childcare business in real time.

All childcare applications are integrated into a single cloud-based management software solution and you can easily review and modify the information from any device. You will no longer have a different version of a list on each computer or at each facility. Every change is stored in a central database so that anyone can access the same information regardless of location or device.

Registration and Communications

All registration data and communications can be input and distributed from any computer, either at the facility or online from a remote device. Every piece of information is entered into a centralized data storage area where everyone can access the same version of material when needed.

Online Parent Portal

With our online Parent Portal, parents and guardians have around the clock access to:

  • Registration information
  • Tuition balance
  • Attendance records
  • Medical records
  • Tax statements
  • Receipts

They can read and interact with electronic bulletins, calendars, and forms from anywhere they happen to be, including at your front desk.

Online Registration

Online registration eliminates the need to accept handwritten or printed paper forms and manually transfer the data into the system. All aspects of registration can be performed online through the Parent Portal where the information is stored in the central database:

  • Contact Information – Names, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, etc
  • Automatic payment set-up
  • Notification set-up
  • Emergency information: insurance, contacts, preferred medical facilities, and providers

Calendar- Based Enrollment

All program activities can be offered through an online calendar where parents can select the desired activity, enroll their child, and pay online. Activities can be modified from any device and the changes are made in real-time to the central database to be made available everywhere.

  • Define multiple rates
  • Show discount types
  • Offer flexible scheduling

Communication Tools

Bulletins, newsletters, announcements, and other communication is centrally stored. No matter where the access request comes from, the same communication is provided.

Billing and Payment

All billing and payment data and notifications originate from central operations. Monthly reconciliation between databases or facilities is eliminated.

Billing and Statements

Billing statements and notifications are sent from a single data storage area where it is updated in real time whenever a payment is made or a notification sent.

Changes in billing are reflected automatically as statements are generated on a pre-defined schedule.

Payment Processing

Payments are updated as received from parents or agencies in the form of:

  • Credit card payments
  • Vouchers
  • ETF
  • Cash, Paper Checks, and Money orders

Account Management

Information from each account can be accessed and modified at the office or remotely. Any changes, payments, or access modifications are performed in real-time with immediate updatesing. Delinquent accounts can be monitored from any office.

Agency Processing

EZChildTrack handles vouchers and co-payments for agencies. Agency billing and payments are easily reconciled.

Scheduling and Attendance

Schedule classes and staff with all additions and changes stored centrally. Parents and staff will always see up-to-date schedules with modifications in real-time.

Child attendance tracking

Daily check-in and check-out updates immediately in the central database so you have up-to-the-minute attendance counts to use for billing, meal counts, and activity scheduling.

Staff attendance

Keep real-time records of on-time clock-ins, late arrivals, hours, and absences with staff attendance tracking.

Meal tracking

All information regarding menus, special diets, and meal counts are centrally stored and changes are immediately visible. Meals served can be reported at any time. Meal tracking integration also allows menu planning and nutrition analysis.

Centralized operations make its easier to access and review any information you desire and make changes that are available through any device at any time. With streamlined scheduling and processing, productivity increases and you can devote more time to growing your childcare business.