Access to Real-time Data for Site Staff

Attendance Tracking

Attendance tracking tools from the EZChildTrack software allows you to manage time and attendance for staff and children very efficiently and accurately. The EZChildTrack software uses a fully integrated client tool called ‘the EZTimeTrack software’ for automating the process of attendance recording at the center level. The EZChildTrack software provides multiple options for recording attendance:

On-screen Check-in/Check-out:

Parents and children can use a predefined check-in/out code to quickly record check-in/check-out using a touch screen (or mouse enabled) computer screen.

Barcode Scanner:

The EZTimeTrack software allows scanning barcode badges for recording check-in/check-out real-time.

Badge or Smart card Reader:

The EZTimeTrack software allows reading data from magnetic stripe or other smart card for recording check-in/check-out real-time.

Rosters/Sign-in Sheets:

Attendance can be recorded using online interface based on printed roster or sign-in sheets.

The key advantages of our attendance tracking module are:

  • Automatically bill for late pickups
  • Adults can check-in/check-out multiple children they are authorized to pickup
  • Ability to record attendance by activity
  • Print daily/weekly roster and sign-in sheets
  • Manage staff attendance
  • Multiple attendance reports