Facilitate Easy Payments for Parents While Expediting A/R

Payment Processing

The EZChildTrack software provides integrated electronic payment processing using credit card payments or drafting checking or savings account to speed up payment collection. The e-payment provides enhanced convenience to parents and reduces the payment cycle for childcare providers. The parent fees are directly deposited in your bank account.

The EZChildTrack software also supports automatic payment method using credit cards and bank accounts (EFT). Parents can conveniently enroll for auto-pay from Parent Portal. The EZChildTrack software automatically notifies parents by email for payments made or any failures. The EZChildTrack software also sends reminders to parents about expiration of their credit card used for auto-pay. All transactions are automatically recorded on account statement which is easily accessible to parents from Parent Portal.

The EZChildTrack software's payment processing features are summarized below:

  • For Parent
    • Make online payments using credit cards or bank account
    • Register for automatic (recurring) payment
    • Update payment method or cancel from automatic payment.
    • Receive payment status and other updates by email
    • Receive payment receipt by email
    • No late fees as payments are made automatically on time.
  • For Childcare Providers
    • Reduce payment cycle by making it easier for parents to make payments
    • Minimize account receivables and improved financials
    • Improve efficiency and accuracy by reducing the payment data entry
    • Improved parent satisfaction