Leveraging the Power of the Internet Real-time Childcare & Camp Management

Parent Portal

Allows parents to register and enroll online

Parents can make payments online and enroll for auto-pay

Parents can manage childcare information and receive communications

Parents can download receipts & tax statements

Online Registration Form

Secure online registration forms for parent registration

Customizable registration forms to meet your program needs

Collect registration fee online at the time of registration

Email notification to parents upon approval

Billing & Statements

Efficiently manage all billing functions in a single system

Print payment reports, statements, invoices

Multiple payment methods supported

Batch payment posting

Calendar-based Enrollment

Calendar-based enrollment for programs offering flexible schedules

Parents can enroll using the inbuilt calendar

Parents can make online payment

Collect fee upfront for the enrolled period

Payment Processing

Online payments using credit cards or bank account

Automatic (recurring) payments holders

Track cash/check/money order payment

Individual and batch payment posting

iPad Interface

Record daily check-in/check-out in real-time

Track 'checked-out by' from authorized list

Eliminate paper rosters

Avoid manual attendance data entry

Site Access

Access detailed account information

Attendance recording using biometrics, badges, etc.

Accept payments at centers

Run reports for improved decision-making

Attendance Tracking

Track attendance for children and staff

Safe & Secure Touch-less attendance to check-in / check-out student. Use computers, tablets or phones to record attendance.

Accurate billing based on attendance

Automatically bill for late pickups

Multiple attendance reports

Account Management

Efficiently manage information for children and family members centrally

Manage program registration and enrollment

Track account balance and payment due

Track parent communication using emails, letters, etc.

Communication Tools

Create and send emails to account holders in bulk

Send text messages in bulk to account holders

Create, manage bulletins containing important messages

Create, manage and print letters for targeted recipients

Filter recipients based on multiple criteria

Agency Accounting

Track families with financial assistance by enrollment with subsidized fee

Generate invoices for agency based on attendance

Track receivables by agency and parents

Manage agency payment posting

Staff Attendance

Check-in/check-out for staff attendance

Add and manage staff hours

Pay rate amount for a period based on hourly/weekly/
bi-weekly/monthly/annual rate

Manage staff information at organization and site levels

Meal Tracking

Menu planning & scheduling by location

Meal Tracking - monthly meal counts

Nutrition analysis for food served

USDA CACFP reimbursement reports


Create your own customized reports

Executive dashboards with graphical reports

Comprehensive set of standard reports

Export report data to Excel

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