Real-time Access to Account Information

Account Management

The EZChildTrack software allows managing family and child data efficiently. You can search for an account holder or a child with just a few clicks. The complete account information can be accessed and managed from one screen.

The system provides multiple types of account flags e.g. ‘employee account,’ ‘subsidized account,’ etc. which are useful in identifying special accounts. You can filter the accounts by billing status (current, delinquent, suspended) and by account flags. Parent communications (notes, emails, etc.) are maintained with the account data and are easily accessible for review.

The EZChildTrack software's account management features are summarized below:

  • Manage accounts efficiently and easily filter based on billing status and account flags
  • Quickly and easily access accounts and view account details with just one click
  • Manage demographics information for children and family members
    • Demographic information for children and family members
    • Photos of children and family members
    • Emergency contacts and adults authorized to pickup
    • Immunization records
    • Program registration information
    • Registration document tracking
    • Enrollment, de-enrollment and enrollment history
  • Account balance and payment due information
  • User friendly tools to upgrade grade and school information each year
  • Track communication with account holders
  • Parent Communication - Create custom letters for standard communications
  • Parent Communication - Email blast allows real-time communication with parents
  • Review and Approval of new accounts from Parent Portal
  • Review and Approval of registrations and enrollments from Parent Portal
  • Manage waiting list for activities based on defined capacity