Automate Your Cyclic Billing,Late Payments, Late Check-out Processing

Billing and Statements

The EZChildTrack software provides greater flexibility in generating and managing childcare invoices. Invoices are automatically generated by the system based on enrollment/attendance. Childcare providers can manage their own billing and payment due dates by defining service periods. Invoices are automatically generated by system based on a pre-defined schedule.

Invoices and statements can be batch printed or emailed to the parents with one click. Parents receive an itemized statement including all transactions for each child which makes it easy to understand the total amount billed. The EZChildTrack software provides features to automatically charge late payments, late checkout charges, NSF charges, etc.

The EZChildTrack software's billing features are summarized below:

  • Manage all billing functions from one user friendly screen
  • View and manage transactions on-screen
  • Print invoices (individual and batch print)
  • Print current statement
  • Print transaction summary report for any date range
  • Print payment reports
  • View account receivables by amount and days
  • Email invoices, statements, transaction report & tax statements
  • Post payment to an account using multiple payment methods (Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit card and E-check)
  • Provision to make full and partial refund to an account. Provision to cancel a transaction.
  • Batch payment posting which allows quick payment posting to multiple accounts in batch mode
  • Define multiple types of activities such as fixed schedule, variable schedule, ad hoc and one time
  • Activity fee can be defined for a service period or on a daily basis
  • Automatic Prorated Fee Computation based on enrollment date
  • Automatically mark accounts delinquent based on predefined threshold dollar amount and payment overdue days
  • Automatically suspend accounts based on predefined threshold dollar amount and payment overdue
  • Manage bank deposit tickets
  • Export financial data book export
  • Define miscellaneous charges
  • Revenue projection with childcare reporting tools