Parent Portal Benefits Information and Payment All in One Place

The busier the parents are, the more convenience you want to offer to improve satisfaction and experience at your facility. With EZChildtrack, you can provide personalized access for your parents from home, the school, or anywhere else.

Multiple functions are available through a single parent portal to create one-stop interaction for almost anything a parent needs to do. For example, most parents don't want to stop by your facility to make a payment and mailing a check is inconvenient. Instead, you can let them pay with a credit card or through a bank transfer using the parent portal from home or work.

Create, Update, and Store Information

Your facility requires a wide range of information from and about parents, staff, and the children. Online access from anywhere increases the convenience factor exponentially.

  • Access schedules and documents
  • Update personal information and emergency contacts
  • Review and update medical information
  • Set up automatic payments or pay online with a credit card or bank transfer

Everything can be securely encrypted and backed up in the cloud.

Distribute Notifications

Letting everyone know about changes or events via hard copy notes, phone calls, and individual email can take too much administrative time. Use the parent portal for all online notifications.

  • Let parents know about school closings
  • Send parents child reminders
  • Remind parents of field trips
  • Send out late payment reminders
  • Reminds staff of employee meetings
  • Create announcements

Connect with Parents

Have you had trouble connecting with parents because the only time you speak is during drop-in and pick-up? Make the connection online by sending parents notes or placing a notification on the parent portal, alerting them to your need for a conference or simply to pass along something cute their child did today.

  • Photos
  • Video
  • Daily notes
  • Weekly journals
  • Information about the skills today's activities build
  • Developmental observations

Customize Your Parent Portal

Create a parent portal to match your branding and website. The portal can be customized to any appearance. Internal settings can be optimized to your workflows and processes. You determine:

  • Which enrollment questions to ask
  • The level of access your parents receive
  • What order the screen applications appear in
  • How settings are configured

Today's parents are used to doing everything online: shopping, banking, and updating their social media accounts. Online access to their child's information was a nice perk yesterday. Today, it is expected that a parent can review, update, and download anything needed directly from the internet, including childcare information.

Secure Access and Storage

Each parent has a secure log-in. The parents can only access information about their child(ren) and their account. You can post a personal notification for one child or a public notification that is propagated to all parent portals.

Some of the information you store that parents can access is very sensitive. Medical records, names and addresses, and contacts allowed to pick up the child are all stored in your system. Security is a foremost concern for any online storage and EZChildtrack has made it a priority.

You can set up automatic back-ups or perform a manual back-up. All information is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud-based childcare software. If your facility should be destroyed or your computer damaged, you can easily retrieve all information that existed at the most recent back-up.

Daily childcare is a fact of life for many parents who are accustomed to online access to almost any information. They expect to be able to communicate, pay, and download from wherever they happen to be. EZChildtrack's Parent Portal makes that expectation a reality.

A parent portal is a definite value-add for any parent and can contribute to your ability to grow your business. You can connect with new and existing families easily and engage with them about their child's life at your childcare center.