Daycare Management Software Online Solution for Administrative Tasks

Taking care of one infant or toddler is a full-time job for two parents. How many children do you take care of at your center?

What other advantages do parents have?

When you look at it that way, parents have it easy. (Don’t tell any parents we said that.)

EZChildTrack's childcare management software makes things almost as easy for daycare as for parents.

What does EZChildTrack provide the daycare provider?

A Parent Portal

Parents can register and enroll online from home.

No need for them to come to your center, with their child in tow, to fill out paperwork, make payments, provide copies of immunization reports, or any other documentation. They have more time, less hassle by using the online Parent Portal.

You can receive and file everything electronically.

No need for you and your staff to create and update file folders or any other paper-based documentation. You save time and space.

Easy Billing and Payment Processing

Parents can pay anyway they want.

Cash - Check - Money Order - Electronic Check - Credit Card - Bank Draft

You can manage all your billing functions in one system.

Accept multiple payment options.

Create customized billing and invoice templates. Create family accounts

Print or electronically send payment reports, statements, invoices.

Payment receipt acknowledgments are automatically sent to parents who pay online and you can email receipts to payers.

Batch-process and post payments electronically.

Hassle-Free Scheduling

Teachers and Staff - Payroll is 70% of your overhead. Keep accurate records.

Add and manage staff and teaching hours.

Monitor clock-in and clock-out times and dates.

Track pay rates hourly - weekly - biweekly - monthly - annually

Children - Reporting to the state just got a whole lot easier.

Automatically bill for late pick-up.

Monitor attendance for accurate billing.

Start and end dates for flexible schedules and unscheduled attendance.

Helpful Communication Tools

Has there been a run of runny noses in your daycare? Let the parents know that you know their little ones may be at risk and you are stepping up your germ warfare with intuitive communication tools.

  • Create and send emails to all, some, or one account holder.
  • Send text messages in bulk.
  • Create and manage bulletins containing important messages.
  • Filter the recipients based on multiple criteria.
  • Print letters and bulletins to send home.

Real-time Daycare Management Tools in a Single Cloud Solution.

Bring the power of the Internet into your daycare centers.

Contact EZChildTrack for Automated, Customizable, Secure Childcare Management Software.

Increase your revenue and save time and cost. EZChildTrack is a comprehensive online childcare software solution to automate all your repetitive tasks and let you and your staff get back to the littles.

Do you need to integrate your daycare into grant-funded or community education programs? EZChildTrack can do it.