Preschool Management Software All-in-One Preschool Operations Solution

The whole point of preschool is to enable children to learn and grow through play, in a warm, nurturing environment. For owners and managers of preschool facilities, it’s an ongoing challenge to create fun-filled activities, supervise energetic young children, and simultaneously manage the administrative duties required to keep all the balls in the air.

EZChildTrack will make a huge difference to your world, by eliminating many of the inconveniences typical of running a business.

Now you can…

  • Increase the time you spend with the children on learning and playing
  • Enhance the social, emotional, language, cognitive, and physical development of each child
  • Improve the health and safety of the children in your care
  • Communicate securely with parents, teachers, and other staff
  • Reduce the frustration of dealing with management issues.

Here are some of the ways EZChildTrack can help you run your preschool more efficiently.

Enhanced Money Management

The financial aspects of managing a preschool facility can be daunting, especially when they are combined with all the other duties requiring your attention. Keeping track of the money feels like a full-time job, but the right childcare management software provides you with an airtight audit trail of your childcare revenue journey from A to Z.

  • Synchronize online enrollments with automated billing processes, and present parents with up-to-date accounts electronically at the time they are due. Track the progress of your wait list and enjoy the transparency that accompanies clear documentation.
  • A secure, online Parent Portal allows parents to make their preschool payments from the convenience of their homes or offices, using a variety of payment options including credit cards, debit cards, and automatic bank withdrawals. This avoids the need for parents to draw cash or come in during business hours to pay, which eliminates the delay of receivables and improves your cash flow.
  • Other advantages include the capability to accept batch payments, receive and provide receipts for cash onsite if required, and keep track of individual payment postings.
  • Bulk processing options enable you to accept agency vouchers, co-pays and payments for subsidized care, and generate agency invoicing based on attendance.
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities built right into the software make it possible to pull billing statements, period-based reports, and information on outstanding fees according to the information in the system.

Take the headache out of managing your preschool facilities' finances with a software program structured to deliver a worry-free experience.

Real-Time Record Keeping

For preschool administrators, few things can compare with having reliable data on every child in your facility accessible at the click of a mouse. Some options offered by EZChildTrack include: 

Recording the attendance of your preschoolers in real-time, including vacations and absences.

Having immediate access to family contact information in case of emergency, as well as parental permissions, pick-up authorizations, and photo identification.  

Keeping detailed information on their allergies, tracking immunizations to determine when they are due for boosters, and maintaining updated medical information for emergencies.

Documenting the children's dietary requirements and nutritional analysis of the food they receive daily, and providing required information to meet FDA meal guidelines.

Planning activities using a reliable calendar accessible from anywhere, and enabling parents to view and register their children for activities using the Parent Portal.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

Improve the productivity and profitability of your preschool center while ensuring the kids in your care receive only the highest quality love, supervision, and protection.

Get EZChildTrack today! We’ll automate all your repetitive functions and leave you, your teachers, and aides to do what you love most—caring for the little ones.

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