After School Management Software Administrative Software for Extended Day Programs

After School Childcare Management Software

Cars are lined up in the pick-up lane. The final bell rings. Kids rush out of classrooms ecstatic to be done with their school day, but not all of them run out the door.

Many of them come to your after school program.

Will utter chaos ensue?

It won’t if you have after school childcare management software.

What Does EZChildTrack Do for Your After School Program?

It’s time to enroll students in your extended day program and hire teachers, and EZChildTrack is ready to help.

Online registration and enrollment applications streamline the start of the school year, summer program enrollment, and drop-in enrollment for school breaks.

Put together activities with calendar-based scheduling. Just add kids!

Track enrollment status: Enrolled | Wait List | Withdrawn

Accept payment with credit/debit cards and eChecks/ACH

  • You can schedule activities with Calendar-Based Scheduling.
  • Parents can view and register their kids for different activities through the Parent Portal.
  • Ensure the appropriate student/teacher ratio with Automated Enrollment Tracking.

Cloud-based childcare management software lets you register and schedule on a mobile device or laptop, just as if you were at the office.

School Breaks

Staff Development, School Holidays, Spring and Winter Break – all times parents need after school care all day.

Provide easy registration and scheduling throughout the school year with online registration and calendar-based scheduling.

Accept secure online payment with debit or credit cards. Accept in-person payments of credit/debit, checks and ACH/eCheck, cash, and money orders.

Daily Operations

Attendance: Keeping track of students who attend full time, only during breaks, and as occasional drop-ins can get complicated…Unless you have EZChildTrack After School Program Management.

  • Electronic Check-in and Check-out can automatically record student attendance.
  • Electronic Time Clock automatically records teacher attendance, time in and out, and hours worked.
  • Vacation and Absence Tracking simplifies scheduling and attendance monitoring.
  • Manage Bus Lists for efficient boarding.

Billing and Payment Processing is practically effortless.

  • Set up Automatic Billing through credit card or bank draft.
  • Process checks through ACH/eChecking.
  • Notify parents via email and Online Parent Portal of payment status.
  • Email, print, or provide online invoices on schedule.
  • Track and process agency accounting and posting for subsidized payments.
  • Automatically add penalties for late payment or late pick-up.
  • Payroll Processing is as simple as ABC.
  • Automatically track staff hours assist with payroll processing.
  • Calculate hourly pay rate amounts.

Family Information is centrally stored and easily accessible.

  • Parent and child profile
  • Authorized pick-up
  • Photos, including authorized pickup
  • Emergency contacts
  • Immunization records
  • Medical information
  • Account balances
  • Notes logged for parents and children

Set up notifications for out- of -date immunizations and automatically alert parents.

Make forms, bulletins, newsletters, and other documentation available through the Parent Portal or send via email.

Viewing and Reporting

Customize your screens and all reports to suit your organization.

EZChildTrack provides word processing, letter merge, and report customization to meet all reporting requirements.


  • Enrollment and attendance
  • Staff
  • Payroll
  • Billing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Agency accounting
  • Enrollment status, including: Enrolled, Wait List, or Withdrawn

Forms and Lists

  • Permission slips
  • Roll call sheets
  • Sign-in and sign-out sheets
  • Immunization records
  • Birthday lists
  • Directories
  • Other forms

EZChildTrack allows multiple users to access records simultaneously and provides multi-site management.

Use EZChildTrack after school management software with any mobile device, PC, or Mac. You can access your program anytime from anywhere through your web browser.

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