Camp Management Software Administration Management for All Types of Camps

EZChildTrack is a childcare management solution that makes operating a camp beyond easy. No matter what type of camp you operate, it has a plethora of helpful features that work for directors, parents, and children alike and covers every aspect of what it takes to run a successful program.

We all know activities are the essence of any good camp – they get kids outside and provide the opportunity to make friends, all the while helping to improve their social skills. Summer, church, holiday, and sport camps help build confidence, expose kids to new experiences, and create lasting memories. They have HUGE impacts on children, and you want to make sure they have a blast, experiencing as many activities as possible.

One of the best features of EZChildTrack is calendar-based enrollment. You can schedule all your activities with dates and times, as well as make changes when needed. Parents and children can browse at their leisure, choosing activities that suit their interests and availabilities. If a parent decides to check out a specific activity only to find there are more options, they are more likely to enroll their child in one or more activities.

The calendar-based enrollment feature is just one of many helpful benefits EZChildTrack provides. Here’s just some of what it can do for you:

Parent Portal

The parent portal allows for automatic enrollment and payments, which means parents don’t have to make an extra trip to the center or send paperwork through the mail.

  • Parents can enroll their children in various activities using Calendar-Based Enrollment
  • Pay at the time of registration
  • Quickly receive statements and receipts
  • Stay in the loop with real-time updates, emails, and posts on bulletin boards


Our suite of communication tools allow you to keep parents up-to-date on camp news. Want to send a message to parents with children in a specific activity? The filter options allow you to do just that!

  • Send bulk emails or text messages
  • Filter recipients to communicate with your intended audience
  • Create bulletins with updates, activities, and closings

Registration and Billing

You could sort through piles of payment receipts to see which accounts are delinquent, find the parents’ emails, and then send a mass email with a list of BCCs, or you can have EZChildTrack manage billing for your camp.

  • Set specifics on how to manage delinquent accounts
  • Print payment reports, invoices, statements, and more
  • Create customized registration forms
  • Track and manage registered and enrolled children
  • Accept payments in cash, check, money order, credit card, debit card, or e-check
  • Issue full or partial refunds and cancel transactions

Finances and Logistics

No more crunching time sheets when payday rolls around. You can also see the direction in which your program is headed financially.

  • Create custom reports in the Report Generation Tool
  • Export financial data
  • Revenue projection
  • Customizable payroll
  • Track families with financial assistance or subsidized fees
  • Record attendance using biometrics, barcodes, badges and more

Meal Tracking

Know exactly what you’re serving and who is eating when by tracking all camp meals in EZChildTrack.

  • Plan and schedule meals
  • Take monthly meal counts
  • Get nutritional analyses
  • Run USDA and CACFP reimbursement reports

Keeping Kids Safe

Instead of rifling through even the most organized of files, you can simply touch a child’s profile to see everything about them, saving time during an emergency.

Files and Forms

While EZChildTrack allows you to go paperless, sometimes you’ll need to print forms, whether it’s for legal purposes or traversing into areas without internet.

  • Permission slips
  • Roll call sheets
  • Sign in/out sheets
  • Birthday lists
  • Directories

These are just some of the many features that increase the productivity of camps and centers by putting everything in one convenient, readily accessible location.

EZChildTrack takes the worry out of running a summer camp – you’ll never have to worry about leaving important papers, rosters, or children’s medical conditions at the office or on a flash drive at home; everything you need can be accessed on a computer or iPad/tablet. You’ll never have to worry about losing your information because everything is stored in the cloud, and you won't have to worry about compromised data since EZChildTrack is a secure service.

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