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One of the most significant challenges school districts face is monitoring student progress and achievements. Childcare management software delivers measurable results that ensure optimal ROI for school districts and after school centers.

Childcare software is designed to facilitate administrative tasks essential to running a school district. For example, administrators and staff members can track student attendance, activities, and meals. They can also engage parents across multiple digital channels, especially for after school enrollment and important announcements. The result is less administrative oversight and more time spent fulfilling the educational needs of all students.

EZChildTrack gives program directors, site coordinators, staff members, and school districts the tools they need to manage operations effectively, cutting overhead costs and increasing organizational productivity.

EZChildTrack - innovating digital childcare management

EZChildTrack is a fully automated and customizable cloud-based childcare management system. It has been proven to streamline and centralize operations with features like automatic billing and mobile registration.

If you run a school district or after school program, you may be evaluating existing platforms. The need for replacing outdated protocols with innovative, cost-effective solutions may be time-consuming - as you search for the right provider. Consider the following if you have hit a stalemate or are unsure of switching software -

  • Comprehensive software with user-friendly tools and an integrable interface
  • The ability to increase parent/guardian involvement in their children's futures via a specific portal for interaction and communications
  • Manage student attendance, meals, special requests, and activities from a single system
  • Empower your staff to meet district objectives and directives across multiple digital channels
  • Streamline and centralize operations with real-time access to detailed data and statistics.
  • Enhance monitoring, automate billing, and reduce repetitive tasks for better organizational performance and decisions
  • A completely web-based solution is flexible and versatile, eliminating costly outdated IT hardware infrastructures
  • Oversee enrollment procedures with customizable online forms
  • Create planned events, calendars, class lists, and schedules for upcoming holiday breaks.
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Simplify administrative tasks for school districts

Running a school district or after school program can pose many challenges. Maintaining program integrity and value is always of paramount importance. Interacting with parents, teachers, staff, and students is crucial in ensuring everyone is on the same page. As students expand their educational horizons with hands-on learning, teachers and administrators must stay ahead of the curve.

Take a look at core benefits of EZChildTrack for simplifying processes -

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Improve communications between schools and parents

Schools must be able to communicate with parents without technological obstacles. For example, a school may need to contact a parent about picking up a sick child. They may also need to determine if a student has any dietary or religious restrictions regarding specific foods. The same goes for staff members to keep them updated.

EZChildTrack childcare software offers solutions that enable faster, more straightforward, and more reliable communication. Here are some advantages -

  • Add new bulletins that display important messages
  • Apply filters that narrow down recipients based on various selection criteria (teachers, administrators, staff, etc.)
  • Attach essential documents with images for better communication
  • Request parent/teacher/administrative board feedback or check the status of emails sent and received
  • Send emails in bulk to active or inactive account holders in the childcare program
  • Send text messages, emails, newsletters, or other forms of correspondence based on parent communication preferences
  • Create, manage, and print letters for targeted recipients
  • Access correspondence via smartphones, iPads, laptops, or other designated devices

These features give administrators valuable insight into how parents and teachers prefer to communicate. In addition, feedback is essential in modifying existing protocols to enable easy interaction for exchanging messages.

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Give your school district and educators valuable tools

School districts must be equipped with the right tools to get the job done. From helping students understand curriculums to overseeing preparedness for the school year, having the right software is crucial in any educational capacity.

With EZChildTrack's iPad interface, users can easily record daily attendance and reduce paperwork without the need to be in front of a stationary computer. Benefits include -

  • Recording daily attendance, including check-in and check-out times. You can relay essential information to parents and school personnel by monitoring attendance.
  • Real-time attendance entry allows you to manage time and attendance for both students and staff.
  • Check-in or check-out multiple participants. This time-saver lets you check-in students and staff in batches.
  • Administrators, staff members, and parents can access information anytime/anywhere on one comprehensive, cohesive portal.

Solution for grant-funded programs

EZChildTrack is compatible with EZReports - robust, web-based software for managing grant-funded after school programs. EZReports is currently implemented by 9 State DOEs and supports both state and local grants. It is also used by over 3,000 schools and community-based organizations nationwide. It meets the data collection and reporting requirements of the Federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) programs.

This after school management software system gives administrators -

  • The ability to effectively manage programs and oversee grants.
  • Focus on advocacy efforts.
  • Increase community outreach efforts and enhance communication campaigns.
  • Perform continuous program improvement based on new educational goals and directives.
  • Monitor and download student enrollment and attendance reports.

EZReports gives you a versatile platform for monitoring student activities, staffing, and outcomes. Administrators can customize reports to show specific progress on a student or access batch data for analysis and assessment. In addition, federal reporting is easier with the reporting wizard, a component that saves time and allows districts to meet all protocols.

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Childcare management software at work

With over 74,000 students, Brevard Public Schools in Florida was overwhelmed, looking to streamline operations and decrease staffing costs. EZChildTrack met the call-to-action by implementing a centralized management system that helped administrators -

  • Track attendance, manage billing and communicate with parents more effectively.
  • Update their existing software to support teachers and staff with smoother administrative functions and tools.
  • Increase uptime and operational efficiency across the district's multiple educational departments.
  • Reduce system downtime and crashes.
  • Decrease staffing costs, meet daily challenges and resolve issues more effectively.
  • Ensure full compliance with 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) mandates and guidelines by integrating with EZReports.
  • Learn how to break down essential tasks and onboard new users with comprehensive training.
  • Engage parents to contact the school district's officers with questions or concerns via better communication portals.

According to Debi Emry, District Coordinator of Brevard Public Schools, "The processes translated very well." In addition, the software implementation was more efficient than expected, allowing the district to spend less time on operational headaches and more time delivering quality education to their students.

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