Comprehensive Online Childcare Software

Childcare Management Software Explained

Childcare management software simplifies and streamlines daily operations by automating repetitive processes and reducing the time required for administrative tasks.

Childcare administrative software helps you manage the daily aspects of running a daycare or after school care program, reducing data entry errors while storing required records and data.

What It Does

  • Registration
  • Admissions and scheduling
  • Attendance
  • Timekeeping
  • Billing and payment processing
  • Recordkeeping
  • Data acquisition
  • Reporting

From tracking children’s immunization records to scheduling classes and activities, childcare management software allows you and your staff to spend more time with your kids and less time sitting at the computer.

Why It Works

Childcare management software is customized to the childcare industry. Because the applications are fully integrated, the software performs better than multiple stand-alone solutions that may not work together smoothly.

Childcare administrative software also outperforms industry-agnostic solutions built for general use. Such solutions often come up short in the areas you where you need the most help.

Increase Parent Satisfaction

Custom childcare software improves parent satisfaction with advanced communications options to reach parents in multiple ways:

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Email
  • Online parent portal

The Parent Portal provides parents with the ability to read and interact with electronic bulletins, calendars, and forms from anywhere, including your front desk and their mobile devices.

They can register for services, check their tuition balances, obtain tax statements, and add medical data to their child’s records.

Reduce Administrative Tasks

Online registration eliminates handwritten forms and manual transfer of data as well as allowing updates to the information at any time.

Attendance-tracking is streamlined with computerized sign-in and sign-out. Automatically receive reports with up-to-the-minute attendance numbers. Attendance data for each child is stored in a centralized database where it informs daily tuition balance and meal tracking.

Staff attendance is performed in real-time. You can achieve accurate time-keeping to track absences, late arrivals and overtime.

Billing and invoicing is provided through the Parent Portal, email, and US postal mail. Billing is flexible and can be batch processed if desired.

You can offer prepaid attendance; hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly billing; full time and part time billing; and obtain graphical reports of invoice tracking.

Improve Planning and Scheduling

If your program offers a variety of activities, childcare management software can handle planning, scheduling and attendance records. Parents can register for individual activities and pay fees while you automatically record attendance for each child.

The scheduling application helps you maximize staff utilization and coordination.

Later, you can generate reports that help you determine which activities are the most popular and to keep track of separate billing and fees tied to those activities.

Billing and invoicing is provided through the Parent Portal, email, and US postal mail. Billing is flexible and can be batch processed if desired.

If your program provides meals, childcare administrative software eases the effort of creating menus that conform to federal requirements as well as meet special dietary needs of individual students. Meal counts are easily maintained to provide data for future administration and budgeting.

Technical Service and Support Provided

EZChildTrack provides childcare management software as a cloud-based solution. You need no additional IT infrastructure or staff. Most of the costs are bundled into your monthly subscription. You pay:

  • No support costs
  • No operating system server or Wide Area Network (WAN) costs
  • No data management costs for backup or security
  • No per user or per password costs
  • No IT staff labor costs
  • No costs for upgrades
  • No additional costs for anytime anywhere access